Heavy Duty, Non Stop, Back and Forth


Work in progress

Endless amounts of colored boxes, in changing light, floating on the sea, gliding through the sky, piled in different formations, at temporary ports of call, always shuttling back-and-forth between one harbor and another, kept in motion by machines that never stop, stacks of colored boxes that float towards other stacks, an abandoned decor in which people are lost, a 16mm film installation that reveals the radical closure, the scale, and endless repetition of global trade.

The footage was recorded during our travel by container boat from Rotterdam to Shanghai, our alternative contribution to Shanghai Biennial 2008 after our visa to enter China to produce a film for the Biennial had been rejected. Commissioned by Shanghai Art Museum, curated by Henk Slager. Recordings were funded by the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture and Thuiskopie Fund; post-production is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund.