Grossraum (Borders of Europe)

35mm film, silent, 35 min. + publication The Formal Trajectory, 2005


The three-part 35mm film Grossraum (Borders of Europe) (silent, 35 min., 2004/2005) explores the composition of the landscape along the fringes of Europe. Border crossings at Hrebenne (Poland-Ukraine), Ceuta (Spain-Morocco) and Lefkosia (Cyprus) are traced empirically with panoramic framing and slowly scrolling pans. Divided landscapes are heavily guarded by the military and photography is forbidden without the permission of proper authorities. The publication The Formal Trajectory contains a selection of correspondence and a logbook that express the formal trajectory that preceded the filming. Also see Written Material.

Supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture and Prix de Rome 2005. Produced in collaboration with IDEAL and VRIZA.

Dutch interview Mr Motley july 2012

Talking to the Periphery",Picard, Andrea, Millennium Film Journal; October 2008